Our services and expertise

You will find a sample of the range of services that we provide on this page. Our company is constantly evolving and growing. We provide wider range of services. 

Multivision is the lider in research and development of tools for the correction and prevention of myopia

we provide services that are not available anywhere

Areas of expertise

Engineering: electrical, electronics, computer science, imaging, image processing, aerospace, robotics, machine vision, mechanical, servo-control, tele-control, tele-operation, tele-presence, telecommunication

Optics: photonics, reflecting telescopes, 3D cameras, optics for near and far infrared

Medicine: ophthalmology and optometry, anterior segment, refraction treatment and prevention
Vision: feedback control systems of the eye, psychophysics, eye movements, binocular and stereoscopic vision, 3D vision and depth perception

MULTIVISION spectrum is very wide but projects are selected. At MULTIVISION we only do what none else can do.