1979 Auto-refractor invented
1980 A solution to the mystery of emmetropization and ametropia; the birth of Feedback Theory

1986 New eye testing chart with vanishing optotypes fabricated and demonstrated

1987 Cause of myopia demonstrated
1987 Feedback loop of smooth pursuit in human eye opened for first time
1988 Discovery of Shadow Stereopsis
1990 Multi-reflecting telescope invented, manufactured and launched to Earth orbit
1991 Spacecraft instruments and robots launched to space
1992 Computer-Simulated tele-operation Earth-Mars (virtual reality) designed and used for rover
1992 Emmetropization feedback theory is demonstrated with patients
1992 3D camera invented and used by NASA under license

1996 3D camera special design to give vision to the blind
1997 Pneumatic Keratology (NEK), a new LASIK alternative, invented
2006 Multivision 3D camera used by Microsoft and others

2007 Boeing 787 Dreamliner cockpit is equipped with instruments designed by Antonio Medina
2016 Mathematical demonstration that myopia progresses linearly because of lenses worn

2017 Method to prevent myopia developed and tested. Children treated successfully

2017 NEK successfully tested in clinical trials. All patients treated had their nearsightedness reduced